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Route to Passive Income

It is never too early to plan for retirement

Achieving Financial Freedom is my equivalent to an Olympic Gold

First, I would like to wish Joseph Schooling all the best in tomorrow's final.

Joseph is truly inspirational. He made history becoming the first Singaporean man to reach an Olympic swimming final. What a race he had!?! Finishing with a time of 50.83 seconds.

What Jospeh told the media after the semis caught my attention?

"I feel fine. A little short on stroke but doesn't really matter that much. It was all about posting a good enough time to get into top eight. And come back tomorrow and try to do it. It's a good confidence booster but doesn't really mean anything... ...I don't care if I break the world record but I get silver or bronze. I still lost. It's all about winning (the gold medal)."

That is what I call a Champion's mindset.

He is hungry. He is determine. He worked extremely hard to be in the final.

Achieving Financial Freedom

Not everyone will be an Olympian. Not everyone will win an Olympic Gold.

It takes hard work, hunger for success, pure determination, sacrifices, and a very strong mindset.

In my own little world, achieving financial freedom is my Olympic Gold.

Did anyone tell you it was easy before?

Probably yes, especially before signing up for any get-rich-quick seminars/ courses.

It will take the same hard work, hunger, determination, sacrifices, and a very strong mindset.

I am still working hard on achieving Financial Freedom; waiting for my Olympic Gold moment.

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