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Route to Passive Income

It is never too early to plan for retirement

Five Bloggers Collecting > S$10,000 of Dividends Yearly

Here is a list of financial bloggers with dividends exceeding the S$ 10,000 mark. Going through this journey, I personally know it is not easy. I just have to continue to believe and work on it. With these bloggers inspiring me, I believe I will hit this milestone soon. Till then, I will just continue to monitor their journey and work on mine.

1. Passive Income Farmer

Total Dividends in 2015 - S$ 9,189.49 (almost reaching the S$10,000 mark)

2. Dividend Knight

Total Dividends in 2015 - S$ 16,835.00

3. A Path to Forever Financial Freedom 

Total Dividends in 2015 - S$ 21,600 (S$ 1,800 per month in 2015)

4. Lady, You Can Be Free

Total Dividends in 2015 - S$ 60,349.15

5. A Singaporean Stock Market Investor

Total Dividends in 2015 - S$ 167,149.50

In 2015, I collected S$ 6,206.76 of dividends. It has been a slow process but I am seeing the progress with each passing month.

These are the bloggers (above) I will have to hashtag -  #Inspiration, #YouHaveDoneIt, #ICanDoItToo, #HardWork, #Patience, #SlowAndSteady.

Obviously, there are more financial bloggers, out there, exceeding the S$ 10,000 mark. 

So please leave a comment about those bloggers too.

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  1. They are my aspiration and I look forward to be like them to collect a hefty dividend income yearly.

    1. Likewise. Looking forward to grow the dividend income like theirs. Sweet Retirement, do add me in your links as well.

  2. Hi PIT

    Thanks for the mention.

    You are definitely on the right direction and move there and you've shown how you've achieved close in 2015. I'm sure the number will grow and swell in 2016 moving to 2017. Let's keep the work rate up.

    1. Hi B, I will continue to just do the right things. Hopefully, at the end of 2016, i will be able to get closer to the 10K mark. Do add me to your links in your blog.

  3. Hi PI Trooper,

    Thanks for the mention. In the presence of these masters I felt very humbled.

    As you are very goal oriented, I am sure you can reach 10K and beyond very soon. Enjoy the journey!


  4. I aspire to be like them but highly likely will take some time to achieve that goal of getting $10,000 passive income. Not even quarter of that amount ;(

    1. James, it took me a long time too. i believe it took a lot of time for the other bloggers. Just work on it each month. All the best!

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